Phibo Take&Go kit: your favourite food wherever you go


Love home cooked meals? You can enjoy healthy home cooked meals on-the-go, wherever you are! 

Both the soup mug and food container are designed for storing, transporting and reheating food in a microwave. A 4-hinge locking system and a special gasket made from food-grade silicone ensure containers are 100% leakproof

The Take&Go soup mug can be used to store food in a fridge, heat it up in a microwave or take it with you. A big comfortable handle allows easy retrieval from the microwave. Easy locking clips hold the lid firmly in place for no spill carrying. Our soup mug features a fully sealed lid which allows carrying filled mugs without fear that the contents will spill. 

This new portable, lightweight and easy to carry food container with fork and knife keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport. It is a great choice for children and office workers alike to bring their meal to school or work. 

The container is an eco-friendly solution to the problem of disposable tableware. Containers can be placed on top of each other to save space.

BPA and phthalate free and 100% recyclable.

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