‘Optima’ containers from Econova


‘Optima’ containers from Econova: everyday heroes

These universal containers by Econova are suitable for storing a variety of items (kitchen items, canned food, spices, laundry supplies, pet supplies, home and bath cleaning supplies, and even kids’ toys, tools, etc.). They have a handle and 2 smooth-rolling rear wheels to roll it out for easy access. 

With the help of several included dividers you can change the size of the container compartments as necessary, adapting them for both small and large items. 

Two and more containers are firmly stackable thanks to special construction.
Transparent walls allow you to see what is stored inside each container.

The containers are available in four volumes: 2.65 L (15x26. 6x8. 7 cm), 5.0 L (16.5x30. 5x12. 9 cm), 10.6 L (16. 5x30. 5x24. 2 cm) and 11.5 L (24. 2x45x12. 9 cm).

Optima containers are made from durable, safe, 100% recyclable polypropylene and are free of bisphenol A.

All products are manufactured in Russia under quality control in full compliance with the principles of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

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