Novelty item: multifunctional "Crystal XXS" box with handle

It will be easier to keep your home in order when everything has its place with the new “Crystal XXS” box from Bytplast. 

Compact but spacious, the multifunctional “Crystal XXS” box is a novelty in the Econova product line (size – 28,3x20x17 cm, volume – 5,5l). The product is suitable for storing practically anything from stationery to clothing and jewelry. The clear base shows the contents and the tight fitting lid protects them from dust and moisture.

Thanks to the convenient and sturdy handle the box may be moved from one place to another. There is no worry with the “Crystal XXS” that the lid will come off the base during transport: it is fixed on tightly with 4 locks along the perimeter. The special cavity on the lid allows hiding of the handle for stacking purposes, which means the boxes will save space.

This box is produced from a durable and safe polypropylene, has a long product life and is easy to upkeep. It may be used in the children’s room for storing toys, paint and other accessories.

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