Novelty: "Crystal" containers with decoration for freezing and storing food

It is possible to receive a full dose of vitamins from fruits, berries and other seasonal products in the winter-time if they are stored properly. With the new "Crystal" containers from Bytplast preserving food at home is available to everyone.

"Crystal" containers are made for both storing and for freezing products, combining style and functionality. Containers are produced from a cold-resistant polypropylene, which allows them to be used in freezers. An original jewel-styled textured surface reflects the latest design tendencies.

The flexible container lid will not crack when opening after freezing and thanks to the special construction of the edge it is securely fixed, protecting contents from smells.

There are two options of decoration available – “berries” and “vegetables” and the label on the lid has a place for writing (freeze date, food and other). The decoration is placed onto the lid with IML technology: it will not erase or damage in use and thus the label will not come off in the freezer.

The containers stack well. You can see the contents through the clear base. As with all Phibo brand products, "Crystal" containers are produced from a safe polypropylene allowed for food contact.
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