New Phibo bowls: stylish & functional


New Phibo bowls have a stylish appearance and are ideal for storing food and cooking. 

This set of serving bowls blends aesthetics and functionality together, allowing users not only to cook, store and transport, but also serve meals to the table in style.

The shape of the bowls has been inspired by ceramic pottery processes and provides these products with durability while keeping them light. Gentle waves on the surface allow bowls to comfortably rest in the hand. A flat, soft lid ensures convenient storage. The contrasting surfaces inside and outside generates an intriguing light and shadow play, supports the asymmetrical shape of the bowl and is pleasant to touch. 

The flexible lid made of a safe material is easy to remove and put on. At the same time it is securely fixed on the bowl body. A distinctive feature of the lid is a large handle for comfortable use. These serving bowls are useful on an everyday basis and because they're made of durable plastic, they are ideal for outdoor use during family gatherings and picnics.

Small bowls are suitable for serving and storing snacks, salads, sauces or baby food. The large volume of the bowl allows you to use it for salads, combining sauces with ready-made side dishes, kneading dough or whipping. Thanks to the beautiful design, you can offer ready-made dishes to the table right in the bowl. After your meal you can cover it with a lid and store inside the refrigerator, eliminating the need to wash several containers.

Offered in different sizes and color combinations, these bowls are capable of providing each user with a delicious and stylish experience in and out of the kitchen.

Bowls 2,8l, 1,55l and 0,85l can nest inside each other for simple and effective storage.

Made of durable food-grade polypropylene. BPA free and 100% recyclable. All Bytplast products are developed and produced in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard, which is confirmed by the certificate issued by TÜV NORD CERT.

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