Discover the Grand Box decorated range.


Storage boxes keep your home clean, organized, and clutter free. Opaque boxes are used to store things that you may not need for a long time. Frequently used items should be placed in easy-to-access clear plastic boxes with transparent walls.

The Econova brand offers a solution that suits both purposes: a line of clear storage boxes with decoration. The front side of the box has an IML decoration in retro style while the transparent lateral sides of the box allow you to see what is stored inside.

New boxes are available in two colors with 2 types of décor. Brightly-colored IML decorations will not fade or get damaged during use.

These boxes can be used to store clothes, sports and tourism memorabilia, garden tools, toys, cleaning products, toiletries etc.

The boxes are available in four sizes: 4.2, 6.65, 10.0, and 15.3 liters.

Схема открывания ящика
The boxes can be stacked on top of each other when the lids are on, saving valuable storage space. Lids have 4 clips on them for secure locking and a carry handle.

Clips are hinged from all sides for quick access with one hand without removing the lid. Each box can be supplemented by a glossy colored insert to arrange small items.

New storage boxes are produced from durable see-through 100% recyclable polypropylene so you can identify the contents quickly and easily. All Bytplast products are developed and produced in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard, which is confirmed by the certificate issued by TÜV NORD CERT.

For more information on the Grand Box range go to Grand box video

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