Colors of the new ECO STYLE range are inspired by nature.


Light and neutral natural shades are a trend of recent years, supported by the trend of increasing concern for the environment.

The Phibo brand has launched a new ECO STYLE range of household products from recyclable materials that awakens an organic experience of nature.

The first step towards protecting the environment is to reduce the use of single-use plastic items and packaging and switch to products that can be used repeatedly.

A reusable mug from Phibo for your coffee would solve a huge problem with disposable plastic waste from coffee shops. Another way to reduce plastic pollution is to bring reusable Phibo containers to work instead of ordering lunch or buying takeaway food in single-use containers.

ECO STYLE products help everyone to take a responsible step towards greater ecological awareness. The products are made in pastel shades from recyclable materials and are a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable products.

ECO STYLE food container series are designed to store fresh and cooked food in the fridge, freeze, heat in the microwave and transport.  A special feature of these containers is the steam release vent, which allows you to use containers in the microwave without removing the lid. A 4-hinge locking system and a special gasket made from food-grade silicone ensure containers are 100% leak proof. Various sizes of containers allow choosing the most convenient one.

ECO STYLE portable coffee mugs are an eco-friendly replacement for non-degradable and non-recyclable disposable coffee cups. Double wall protection keeps maintains the temperature of the drink and at the same time does not allow the surface the mug to get hot. The lid with an ergonomic spout has a seal made of food-grade silicone. The lid is tightly screwed on the body and does not leak.

The ECO STYLE product range includes the most popular items: food storage containers, dry food containers, storage baskets, bowls, soup mugs etc. You can find the full EcoStyle range here.

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