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The Phibo line of kitchen products provides solutions for all culinary tasks. High product quality, innovative appearance and safe materials are all distinctive advantages of products released under the Phibo trademark.

All products featured in the Phibo line are produced from safest raw materials which are certified for contact with food.
Our innovative designs are developed in our own design studio under the consultancy of German and Italian experts. We take consumer reviews and suggestions into consideration in order to develop products which not only look good, but also are as functional as possible.
Joyful decorations, seasonal novelties, original designs and superior functionality make the Phibo kitchen line a confident choice for solving any sort of culinary task.

Popular products

"Eco Style" Screw Lid Container 0,75L (4311760)



Food container with decoration and handle 158×196×69 mm


Dry Food Container 1,5L with dispenser (4312508)


Oval shaped bulk stock container. Easy to hold using special cavities. Possible to place one container on another to save space on shelves and in cupboard. Easy to empty using handy nozzle without lid...

"Smart Lock" container for refrigerator and microwave 1.15L


Smart Lock round container series, designed to store fresh and cooked food in the refrigerator, freeze, heat in the microwave and transport. Special feature of the series is a fully sealed lid which...