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Products featured under the Econova trademark are practical and functional solutions for storing items and organizing space at home. Extremely durable and minimalistic in style, they will serve their purpose for an indefinite period of time. They are an optimal choice for keeping the home clean and tidy.

The assortment of the trademark features multifunctional boxes for storage, baskets, organizers and other products.
All products are manufactured from durable and safe materials with high consumer qualities. A flexible temperature resistance range and moisture resistance allows Econova products to be used in both standard and wet climates such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement or garage.
These products are designed to suit almost every interior.

Popular products

Shoulder hanger Set 3 Pc (4312356)


A hanger is an indispensable item to always keep your clothes in good condition. The set consists of 3 hangers designed for all types of light clothing. They have a lower crossbar for trousers and...

VELVET Tray, 255х190х70 mm, 2,65l (beige)


‘Velvet’ trays are an easy solution to organize your home, apartment, or other living spaces. Use them to organize shelves and rooms, add to your home decor, or storage for everyday personal...

3-drawer desktop tower (A6 sized)


Stylish and durable Econova 3-drawer storage tower is made of sturdy polypropylene that's built to last for years of quality use and 100% recyclable. ...

Storage multi box Grand Box with locks and insert, 390х290х180mm, 15.3l


Boxes from the Grand Box line are available in four sizes: 4.2, 6.65, 10.0, and 15.3 liters. ...