Storage boxes

Bytplast offers wide range of multi-purpose plastic boxes. Boxes will help to organize and save home space. Dimensions and capacities vary. You can store bed linen, clothes, shoes, toys and daily small things in these boxes. They protect things from dust, moist and insects. Boxes can be stacked and easily stored in a wardrobe, on shelves or entresol.

COMBO’ drop front storage box 390х290х180mm 16,7l


Storage multi box with lid Luxe, 1.9l, 189х132х110mm


Storage multi box with lid Deluxe, 1.9l, 189х132х110mm


Universal Storge Box "Color Style", 9L


Storage multi box Grand Box with locks and insert, 290х190х180mm, 6.65l


Storage multi box with lid Luxe, 4.6l

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